+ What is Pre-Launch?

Pre-Launch is a series of small campaigns that will be sent out in order to help us test the platform before a full launch.

+ How does it work?

When a Pre-Launch campaign is ready, everyone who has signed up will be sent a campaign invitation via email. At the bottom of this email there will be a link to the matching survey where you'll find a few questions to answer. These questions help us gauge if you are a good match for the products lined up.

+ How are people selected for a box?

The featured brands outline the matching criteria for each campaign.

That's right...We DO NOT get to choose who matches the campaign.

You must match the criteria for ALL of the featured products in order to be chosen for a box. The matching criteria can include a range of attributes, from age or location, down to specific product likes and even lifestyle preferences.

When the number of matching consumers is greater than the number of boxes available, the boxes will be allocated randomly by ballot.

+ How many people are selected per campaign?

Only a small number of consumers will be selected for each Pre-Launch campaign, as the number of boxes available is extremely limited.

+ How can I improve my chances of getting a Pre-Launch box?

Keep it positive! Priority can be awarded to those who engage positively online with us and our featured brand partners. Also to those who take part in campaign activities and competitions. Above all, you MUST still match the criteria for the campaign to be selected.

With Pre-Launch availability limited, we recommend that you follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with all the new campaign alerts.

Add us to your safe sender list or address book on your email client, helping make sure campaign invitations arrive safely and don't end up in your junk folder.

+ When is the full launch?

Our team are working round the clock to get prepare for our full launch, which isn't too far away! When it comes, campaigns will be MUCH MUCH BIGGER, which means loads more boxes, with loads more hot new products to try!

If you are signed up for Pre-Launch, you'll get a notification as soon as the platform is ready to fully launch


A little message from Team Triyit

Don't worry if you haven't matched a campaign yet, It's still only Pre-Launch where box numbers are very limited. 

Please continue to support us as we grow, it means the world to our little team to have your support during this early stage. 

We are working round the clock to prepare for our big launch, where we hope to find a matching campaign for everyone!