Triyit – Code of Conduct

If you have been selected to take part in a physical campaign, it means that you are now an active member of the Triyit Club. Our club is built on being inclusive, fun, and promoting a positive environment for our Members to recommend and share the products they love with their friends and social connections.

To make sure that our Club works for everyone, club members are expected to follow this Code of Conduct which applies to both their online posts and offline conversations. If a club member fails to keep to our Code of Conduct, Triyit reserves the right to stop matching that club member to campaigns (either for a specific period or indefinitely), to cancel that club member’s account altogether, and to block that club member from posting about Triyit on all social media platforms. More details can be found in our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

By following this Code, our club members can lead the way in ensuring that the Triyit Club continues to grow and provide new experiences with information that you can trust.

Being an Active Participant

Once you have received a Triyit box, the most important thing is that you have fun and try your best to engage with campaign activities! We encourage you to share your experiences online with your social media followers and in offline conversations. You can write a review, tweet, post, make a video or do anything else that shares your experience and tells others how you really feel about the products you tried.

As well as sharing with your friends and family, we expect club members to provide product feedback of the end of the campaign for insights and research for both Triyit and participating brands. Each campaign will have a specific deadline for providing us product feedback which we expect you to adhere to.

The Triyit team are working to bring our club members a huge selection of products to get excited about but we can only do this if we know our Members are engaging with our campaigns!


It’s important to us that you feel you can be honest. We want to know if you love something we sent you, but we also want to know if you don’t love it! You can tell us anything you want about a campaign product, just as long as it’s constructive – if a product didn’t work, why not? If a product changed your life, tell us how!

Honesty also means that you have not provided any false information to Triyit at any point when we have asked for your details. We are working hard to match our brand partners with our club members who will get a real benefit from those products. Giving us incorrect information about your lifestyle or habits doesn’t help us in trying to get the best for our club members or our partners – and it’s really easy for us to spot if you are just trying to get matched with all kinds of products!

Just as we trust our club members to be truthful in the information that you will provide when giving feedback, we trust that our club members will not make duplicate accounts on the platform to try and get additional products. If we find that a club member has created multiple accounts then we have the right to suspend or terminate all of them without prior notice.


For certain campaigns we might invite club members to take part in a sweepstake competition to win a mix of prizes. This will involve posting pictures of you enjoying the product on various social media channels and using the correct hashtag to be in with a chance of winning.

A link to the terms of each sweepstake competition will be included with the package you will receive as part of a campaign. We expect you to read and adhere to these terms for each Sweepstakes competition that you enter.

Sweepstake entries are not intended to be advertisements for the products and should reflect how you are using and enjoying that product.


The Triyit Club is built on trust – we’re looking for our members to tell us everything they think about a product, the good and the bad. We’re not looking for someone else’s opinions (or we would have asked them!)

The feedback that you provide should be your own and should not just be a copy of someone else’s opinion. It’s easy for us to spot when we get multiple reviews of the same products and defeats the purpose of our club.

We reserve the right to suspend or terminate an account which provides us with unoriginal or plagiarised product feedback.


You’ve been through the questionnaire, created an account and seen all the signs – you know by now that we only match you with campaigns if you fit the demographic criteria that our Brand Partner is looking for.  There are several reminders of this throughout the sign-up process and you must actively agree to these limitations of Pre-Launch.

We are fully aware of who has and who has not received a physical box. We are also working extremely hard to increase the number of boxes heading out.

Getting in touch to try and convince us to let you take part in a campaign isn’t going to help you, and doing so would be grounds for us suspending your membership.

This includes sending us emails, letters directly, or sending out negative social media posts about Triyit (including videos, tweets, songs, anything!)

Being non-abusive

We expect the club members to treat us, and each other, with respect at all times. Whether you are reviewing, posting, or sharing any content in connection with a Triyit campaign or competition, we will not tolerate any negative behaviour towards Triyit, our partners, and especially our other members.

Doing so will be grounds for a permanent suspension of your membership.


From time to time, Triyit will run a campaign with one of our partners which will feature alcoholic products. We will make it clear whenever a campaign involves alcohol so that our club members can make an informed decision about whether they want to take part. At all times, Triyit advises our members to always drink responsibly.

For any campaign involving alcohol, we will ask matching club members to confirm that they are over 18. If a member provides false information about their age then this will be grounds for their membership being suspended. Triyit will have no liability should someone under the age of 18 receive alcohol as a result of a campaign.